Recap: TC Camp Unconference – 4 Feb 2016 [Meeting]

Meeting Review

by Jillian Ogawa

What’s trending in technical communication in the Bay Area? As many as 140 attendees learned about the latest tools and top skills for technical writing professionals at the fourth annual TC Camp held January 23, 2016 in Santa Clara, Calif. The all-day event had five main workshops in the morning and 24 afternoon workshops that were run in an unconference format.

TC Camp website will soon have links to the workshop leader slides, to the panelist slides, the video playlist and the Scribe notes from the afternoon unconference sessions. Be sure to subscribe to the TC Camp newsletter for the links. At the STC East Bay chapter February program, TC Camp attendees and Liz Fraley, TC Camp Unconference founder and STC East Bay program chair, shared the highlights of the main TC Camp Workshop

Ambassador Workshop: “He (Dustin Vaughn, Solutions Consulting Manager, Adobe) was very personable; he was very knowledgeable; most of the people that showed up at the table were actually new to [Adobe] FrameMaker, so he basically showed the basic offering and basic tasks, such as the difference between InDesign and FrameMaker.”

Content Strategy Workshop: “They (Salesforce) were talking about keeping readers engaged and a lot of interactive, very non-standard ways, not just blocks of gray text to read. . Getting away from the traditional churning-out manuals and using new technology to keep the reader involved.”

Git-based Workflows Workshop:  “My impression was that they (GitHub presenters) should have one workshop for beginners and one for advanced because a lot of folks in the audience were asking a lot of really Git geek-type questions.”

“I found that their handouts were very helpful. I was able to create an account right there in the room. The things that they gave to us were very useful.” We also got to see one of the handouts about GIT, the GitHub Cheatsheet.

Marketing Yourself Workshop: “I learned a lot from his (Andrew Davis, Tech Comm Talent, Inc.) talk; he had a lot of good information about what areas are hot and what are not. I got a lot of practical ideas about what to do about ‘kitchen sink’ job descriptions and having your cover letter show the classes you have taken to offset the things that you are not as knowledgeable about.”


Come hear about what happened at TC Camp 2016. The 4th Annual TC Camp happened January 23rd. We’ll get together and share our experiences with each other and feedback with the TC Camp staff.

About Our Speakers

Everyone who attended got a chance to talk about their impressions and experiences in the different workshops. Moderated by Liz Fraley, TC Camp.

Meeting Logistics

Date: Thursday, February 4, 2016.
Location: Mimi’s Cafe, 4775 Hacienda Dr., Dublin, CA 94568
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