How to Be Acquired? Surviving the Transition – 7 Apr 2016 [Meeting]

In this talk, Meg Miranda of Cisco Systems, Inc. will share her experiences managing two teams from startup through corporate acquisitions and provide some tips that can help you and your teams survive the transition with grace.

Both acquisitions were of software companies by traditionally hardware companies, Meg will describe the challenges that you can encounter during the transition. Meg will also share suggestions for how to manage similar transitions, including what to avoid, how to work with stakeholders, and how to manage risk.

This talk is aimed at technical publication professionals who might be on either side of an acquisition or those working at startups. You will learn:

  • Tips for what you can do years before an acquisition.
  • Tips for staying agile and adaptive with your tool set to facilitate a hyper-changing work environment.
  • Tips for how to think like a business owner while running a team for a larger corporate entity.

About Our Speaker

Picture of Meg MirandaMeg Miranda has a long history of technical writing experience in and around Silicon Valley.

She likes her work and her job, and she enjoys helping others.

She has worked at many companies large and small and is now in the Data Virtualization Business Unit at Cisco.

Meeting Logistics

Date: Thursday, April 7, 2016.
Location: Mimi’s Cafe, 4775 Hacienda Dr., Dublin, CA 94568
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