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Friendly Chapter Saturday Schmooze, 4 Feb 2017 [Event]

Join us on Saturday, February 4, 2017, for an informal late lunch with good food, good company, and good techcomm conversation. This is the first Friendly Chapter Saturday lunch of 2017, and we hope you can be with us! RSVP to the email in the member e-blast (or Contact Us) by Friday, February 3 to let us know if you’re coming, order what you like from the menu, and pay your own tab. 
Date: Saturday February 4, 2017
Time: 2:00 pm – 3:30 pm
Place: Black Bear Diner, 5100 Hopyard Rd, Pleasanton, CA 94566

Incoming President’s Message – 2017-Q1

Time to Celebrate!

Greetings from your new president! If you’re reading the email version of our newsletter, I hope you’ll take a moment to hop over to and admire our beautiful new website! We are LIVE on WordPress, and it’s all thanks to our stellar WordPress migration team headed by Jane Olivera, with Joe Humbert, technology insight from Liz Fraley, and driven to completion by past-president Liz Miller. Kudos to the team for completing this major project, and please check out our Friendly new website!

I’m also proud to announce that Jane Wilson was recently elected STC’s Vice President. We’re excited to be a part of her journey the presidency of our national Society. Also, at this year’s Summit, STC will recognize Patrick Lufkin as a Fellow and Joe Humbert as an Associate Fellow. These recognitions are well deserved; I hope you’ll join me in congratulating Jane, Patrick and Joe!

Speaking of the STC Summit, if you’re planning to attend this year, won’t you consider being on our June recap panel? We’ll be sharing Summit experiences and would love your insights. No preparation required! Drop us a line!

I’m also pleased to announce that Liz Fraley is the recipient of the EBSTC 2016 Technology Insight Award (again)! Liz has been the linchpin in our efforts to move to WordPress, and we very much appreciate her knowledge and patience.

As beautiful as our new website is, we’re still adding content. In fact, that content could be from you! Want to be involved? Contact us!

Gale Naylor
EBSTC President

Gale Naylor

Happy New Year from EBSTC!

If you missed Lori Meyer’s January presentation, The Editor as Collaborator: Communication Makes the Difference, you missed some great insights that apply to any career, not just technical editing.

Here are my takeaways:

  • Be a part of the team, not outside the team
    “Get to know your your team mates”
    “See edits as teamwork and focus on the doc”
  • Express yourself in a positive way
    “For every don’t, there’s a do
    “Note the good as well as the bad”
  • Manage expectations
    “Clarify expectations regarding the extent of edits”
  • Recognize you may not always know everything
    “Query with an open mind”
    “Consider the background of the project” (e.g., external schedule pressures)

The last bullet is key to working with other professionals, such as developers, because everyone appreciates when their expertise is respected. When you “query with an open mind” you show you are part of the team and focused on the doc rather than only your individual goals.

Not only are you more likely to learn something with this approach, but—as Lori says—communicating well leads to more opportunities!

I’m very excited to be your chapter president this year. Here’s to more opportunities and a fantastic 2017!

— Gale Naylor

Gale Naylor

Creating User Documentation in an Agile World – 2 Feb 2017 [Meeting]

With more and more software development teams switching from traditional waterfall to agile methods of development, technical communicators need to be flexible about their processes to work cleanly and efficiently. Sometimes, though, it feels like we are fitting a square peg into a round hole. It doesn’t have to be that way! This presentation will address ways to smooth off that square peg and adapt traditional documentation processes and procedures to make them fit in an agile world.

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TC Camp 2017 Is Coming

The 5th Annual TC Camp, the techcomm unconference, is coming up in 3 short weeks!

What’s an unconference?

It’s an intense day of learning that’s totally relevant to you! Sessions topics are defined by the attendees on the day of the event. There are no presenters, no juried presentations. Instead, you can join together with other like-minded people to discuss topics that interest you!

The afternoon unconference is free but we also have optional morning workshops available for a nominal fee that helps us cover the cost of the event. These morning workshops are run by techcomm luminaries and are designed to get your thinking going, early in the morning.

What hands-on workshops do we have lined up this year?

  • Minimalism with Dawn Stevens
  • Microlearning with TechSmith
  • GIT with Mysti Berry
  • Word to FrameMaker with Dustin Vaughn (Ambassador Workshop)

In addition to the unconference on Saturday, this year we have Peter Gruenbaum teaching an API Doc writing training class on Friday January 21st! If you’re trying to break into the API docs job market, there’s no better way to get started than this pre-camp training class!

What does it cost?

Main Unconference: FREE
Ambassador Workshop from Adobe: FREE
2-hour Hands-On Morning Workshop: $35
Full-Day API Docs Training Class: $125

The TC Camp is a day of unmatched, intense, learning, sharing, and networking for techcomm professionals. This is a great opportunity to get information on the latest trends and technologies, learn how your colleagues solve problems, and have a focused discussion with your tool vendor about important issues.

Join us Friday & Saturday January 20-21, 2017 at Mission College in Santa Clara, CA. This is YOUR TC Camp!

Find out more at:


Thanks to STC, a TC Camp sponsor, we’re offering you a special discount for the morning workshops

Use the discount code “STC” to get $5 off a morning workshop!

P.S. You can see video highlights from last year’s conference on YouTube.