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President’s Message – 2017-Q3

We may have been taking a break from dinner meetings, but we were still busy this summer! We participated in a NorCal President’s meeting, launched the 2017 Touchstone competition, and our website is now hosted on the STC server!

The July 2017 NorCal President’s meeting was the brainchild of Berkeley Chapter President Nicki Davis. Remembering the spirit of cooperation from years ago, when we were all part of STC’s  “Region 8,” Nicki suggested the NorCal chapter leaders get together periodically to discuss issues that affect all chapters. At the July meeting, we discussed the future of the Touchstone competition, how to attract more people to meetings, and ideas for more shared events, such as the recent tour of the Bay Model. Continue reading

Summary of July 2017 NorCal Presidents Meeting

Nicki Davis suggested this Presidents’ meeting because she believes all the Northern California chapters can benefit from reigniting the regional cooperation that has been largely missing since Region 8 was disbanded over 10 years ago*.

We are also facing a decision regarding the Touchstone competition because Richard Mateosian and Patrick Lufkin would like to retire. They agreed to chair the competition again, with help.

The following is a summary of the major topics discussed at the meeting. Continue reading

How STC helped me get a job at Facebook

I’m on my fourth career. I started as an aerospace engineer, taught myself Visual Basic and became a programmer/analyst, got a master’s in education and briefly flirted with becoming a math teacher, and then decided to check out this thing called “technical writing.”

One of the first things I did was look for a way to meet people. I found the Society for Technical Communication and a chapter that met 15 minutes from my home. I started attending meetings, learning more about the profession I wanted to enter. I made contacts and friends.

At one of the early meetings I attended, I met a recruiter and a blogger. I mustered my courage to speak to both of them after the meeting and received some advice and a few contacts that would, ultimately, lead to my dream job at Facebook. Though not for about 18 months. Continue reading

Technical Literacy Award 2017

The Livermore Valley Joint Unified School District has revealed their plan to enrich the annual district-wide science fair (Science Odyssey) for grades 1 to 12 to include a separate award for notebook quality starting in 2018. This reflects the integration of literacy and science activities that the East Bay STC chapter has supported for many years. A future newsletter article will discuss how this notebook award rolls out as details become available.