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Devil Mountain Views – First Quarter 2017 Issue

Time to Celebrate **** Excusion to the May Model June 3, 2017

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President’s Message: Time to Celebrate!

Greetings from your new president! If you’re reading the email version of our newsletter, I hope you’ll take a moment to hop over to and admire our beautiful new website! We are LIVE on WordPress, and it’s all thanks to our stellar WordPress migration team headed by Jane Olivera, with Joe Humbert, technology insight from Liz Fraley, and driven to completion by past-president Liz Miller. Kudos to the team for completing this major project, and please check out our Friendly new website! Continue reading

Happy New Year from EBSTC!

If you missed Lori Meyer’s January presentation, The Editor as Collaborator: Communication Makes the Difference, you missed some great insights that apply to any career, not just technical editing. Here are my takeaways:

  • Be a part of the team, not outside the team
    “Get to know your your team mates”
    “See edits as teamwork and focus on the doc”

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