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Recap of monthly dinner meetings

Minimalist Writing for Maximum Communication

EBSTC March Program Recap

Bruce Poropat is a practitioner and advocate for converting dense legalese into language that people can understand the first time they read it. In technical writing, the minimalist approach is reminiscent of Plain Language (see the federal government’s definition).

To the minimalist, it is the content’s message that is the priority, not the prose. In Bruce’s presentation on March 2, he first shared examples of minimalism in representational art, music and poetry, including a renowned example of minimalist fiction writing: “For sale: baby shoes never worn.” Continue reading

Leading and Thriving in a Content-Rich World

EBSTC September Program Recap

Leading and Thriving in a Content-Rich World

In our September program, Eeshita Grover (Technical Communications Senior Manager, Cisco Systems), shared her perspective on how technical writers of today can prove to be the most valuable asset for a business. Here are a few highlights from the meeting: Continue reading

TC Camp Unconference Report 2016

EBSTC February Program Recap

What’s trending in technical communication in the Bay Area? As many as 140 attendees learned about the latest tools and top skills for technical writing professionals at the fourth annual TC Camp held January 23, 2016 in Santa Clara, Calif. The all-day event had five main workshops in the morning and 24 afternoon workshops that were run in an unconference format. Continue reading

Tool Trends Panel

EBSTC September Program Recap

Lori Meyer was our panel moderator on Thursday, September 10 at Mimi’s Café in Dublin. Lori is a technical communication specialist with more than 20 years of experience as a writer, editor, online help author, and curriculum developer. She is an STC Fellow, and the immediate past president of the East Bay Chapter. She also coordinated the Trends Panels both this year and in 2014. Continue reading