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History of the East Bay Chapter (con't)
  • Also in 1999, our chapter sponsored the Region 8 Conference under the direction of chair Gwaltney Mountford.

  • Devil Mountain Views has won several awards, but in 2002 - 2003 it won the Best of Show, Most Improved, and Distinguished Technical Communication award in the STC international newsletter competition. Ashwini Tharval was the managing editor at that time.

  • In 2003, our chapter created a 3-year Strategic Plan under the direction of Becky Rude.

  • In 2007, our chapter sponsored the Society Board Meeting in Berkeley under the direction of chair Gwaltney Mountford and Helen Cheung.

  • In 2007, our chapter started podcasting some of our speaker programs and started the Yahoo Group Network under the direction of Joseph Humbert.

  • In 2008, our chapter sponsored an all-day writing Boot Camp by STC Director-at-Large Leah Guren under the direction of Helen Cheung and Ann Adams.

  • In 2008, our chapter updated the previous 3-year Strategic Plan for the next 3 years and submitted the Chapter Rechartering Plan to STC, both under the direction of Helen Cheung.

  • In 2009, our chapter transitioned from a fiscal year from July through June to the calendar year, January through December. We also gave up half of our financial reserves to STC to help the national organization through a fiscal crisis.

  • In 2012, our chapter updated the 3-year Strategic Plan for 2012-2015, and celebrated the 50th Anniversary of the chapter.

  • Our chapter had 35 members in 1962, 165 members in 1995, 190 members in 2002. We now have approximately 50 members.



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