Devil Mountain Views

Newsletter of the East Bay Chapter of Northern California STC

January/February 2002



Looking Back: Technical Writing in the Bay Area

T. R. Girill, STC Fellow, talks about the changes and developments in technical writing he has witnessed since the late 1970s. One aspect remains consistent through it all: the principles of communication—technical writers are still the audience advocates they have always been.

Morphing Through the Decades

Gwaltney Mountford, STC Associate Fellow, remembers the time when she used Script VS (the grandfather of HTML), and Exacto knives as part of her job. The biggest change, though, is not the tools, but the perception of our profession.

We've Come a Long Way

Diana Wilcoxson began her technical writing career as an applications programmer where she used archaic embedded languages like TDP/MANU. She explains why she is relieved that technology has radically improved our jobs with the arrival of FrameMaker and Word.

DOS Revisited: 20 Years of C-Prompts

Bill Ardis interviews Daniel O. Schtukemunder, who is actually the original creator of DOS! Read all about it in our exclusive scoop...

Blast from the Past

Becky Rude, DMV Co-Managing Editor, shares some interesting excerpts from the Pacifica Log, the first name of our chapter’s newsletter. Read what chapter members were thinking about in the 70s.

The mission of the Society for Technical Communication is to improve the quality and effectiveness of technical communication for audiences worldwide.

The Devil Mountain Views -- Jan/Feb 2002
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