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January/February 2004

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Happy New Year!

How I Became a Technical Writer
Sarmistha Purkayastha recounts the journey to becoming a technical writer that took her from journalism in her native India through accounting to her chosen career in California.


Strategies for Making Change Work
Suzanna Laurent shows us how to prepare for and cope with change, in and out of the workplace.


Seasonal Poem
To remind us of the season just past, Adrienne Tange brings us the holidays in verse.


Two Articles About Style
Dara Golden explains the kinds of things that every style guide should contain in Style Guides: Basic Considerations. Then Bill Dubie and Dave Sciuto, from the Northern New England Chapter, identify some published style guides (with a special focus on the Microsoft Manual of Style) in Style Never Goes Out of Style.


Ask Elaine: The Little Things
Straight versus curly—Elaine Parrish is not talking about hair.


Chapter Activities
Leaders Needed—Make a change that makes a difference to you and your chapter.
Autumn Literacy Outreach Update—Unexpected activities provide mixed results of fall semester.
Member Survey—Chapter survey results shed light on membership interests.



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