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January / February 2012

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  • Membership Update: Currently 53 members. We welcome our new or returning members:
    Alan J. Rosenthal
    Celine Dion
    Jessica R. Back
    Teresa Hollidge
    Elizabeth A. Fraley

Feature Articles

Recap of Joe Welinske’s Presentation

Nicki Davis, treasurer of the STC Berkeley chapter, has written an excellent recap of Joe Welinske’s presentation at the January meeting, "Techniques for User Interface Text and Web-Based Content in Smartphone Applications." Joe helped us understand what’s involved in writing for mobile apps, a very “now” topic.

East Bay STC is Now on Twitter!

Liz Miller, our membership manager, has us all a-twitter with a Twitter account for East Bay STC, bringing our chapter firmly into the 21st century. She tells us why and how in this article.

Don't Know Much About History....

Then and Now: In keeping with the theme for this issue, Gwaltney Mountford, our non-Managing Editor for this issue, provides us with a look into the past. This article and the next are reprints of articles from 1995 issues of the East Bay Log highlighting some of the history of the chapter.

"Semantics as a Communist Weapon" and Other Programs
from the Past

Then and Now: Gwaltney Mountford gives us a peek into the meeting topics and some of the concerns from much earlier times in this second article reprinted from 1995 issues of the East Bay Log highlighting some of the history of the chapter.

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