Devil Mountain Views

Newsletter of the East Bay Chapter of Northern California STC

March/April 2002



3G for Everyone

Faraz Hoodbhoy, guest writer, discusses high-speed data communication and its amazing progress in the last four decades. He talks about third generation wireless telephony, which is no longer restricted to mere phones, but translates into tools that will interact with us through voice, graphic, and tactile devices. This new technology has the potential to affect our work as technical communicators by adding new opportunities for documentation and training.

Accessibility = Usability

Roz Rogoff, immediate past president, gives us a unique perspective on Web Accessibility. As technical communicators, we have the opportunity to make the Web user-friendly for everyone. Read about recent mandates added to Section 508 of the Federal Rehabilitation Act and how a whole new area is opening up for technical communicators.

Characterizing Materials on the Nanoscale

Dan Day describes a powerful but compact microscope that allows scientists to see their "micro" work in the material and biological sciences. If you’re new to science writing, this is an excellent introduction to the kind of technology involved in this work.

Technology Unraveled

Ashwini Tharval, DMV Co-Managing Editor, provides a respite from the world of technology with her humorous view of how desperate we are to keep up with all the new things coming our way.

Blast from the Past

Becky Rude, DMV Co-Managing Editor, continues our journey through past newsletters by sharing some tidbits from the 80s. You won’t believe what a bargain we’re getting with the current prices of PCs and printers until you read this!

Designing the future of technical communication.

The Devil Mountain Views -- Mar/Apr 2002
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