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March/April 2003

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April showers

Copyediting—Who Needs It?
Elaine Parrish, our DMV copyeditor, writes about the importance of copyediting and why it should not be neglected.

April showers

An Online Project Information Solution
Don Huntington talks about his unique way of reporting project status to clients by creating a simple web page.

April showers

Style Guides to the Rescue
Scott Wallace provides clues on how to simplify web writing by creating a new style or adapting an existing one. As always, Scott gives us many useful references to accomplish this task.


April showers

What Does Video Capture Have to Do With Writing?
Linda Schaltz writes about Camtasia, a video capture tool used to develop your own movies.



April showers

Alternative Jobs or Alternative Job Search Methods?
Susan Harlan
discusses the effects of outsourcing on technical writers and suggests a different approach to job hunting.



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