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March/April 2007

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MadCap Flare and the RoboHelp Saga

This article by Patrick Lufkin summarizes Mike Hamilton's program at the December EBSTC meeting: MadCap Flare and the RoboHelp Saga.

Synergistech’s 2007 Job Market Perspective

Andrew Davis, president of Synergistech Communications, Inc., shares his company's perspective on the 2007 job market.

Documenting APIs: Your First Week on the Job

This article by Kathryn Munn of the Berkeley STC Chapter summarizes Jim Bisso's program at the January EBSTC meeting: Documenting APIs: Your First Week on the Job.

Get in the Running

It's that time again—time for our members to pick our next leaders. This is a great opportunity for you to grow in your profession by becoming one of EBSTC's leaders. Gwaltney Mountford summarizes the activities and benefits for each of the chapter’s leadership positions.




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