Devil Mountain Views

Newsletter of the East Bay Chapter of Northern California STC

May/June 2002


It Takes a Sexually Stimulated Man to Make a Chicken Affectionate

Don Huntington, production editor, takes a look at localization and the many localization resources available on the Net. His localization humbugs prove that effective translation can take place only when you translate the content and not just the words!

Cross-cultural Interactions: A Humorous Anecdote

John Gallagher relates the linguistic misunderstandings and confusions which are part of his everyday work life in Taiwan.

Home Away from Home

Two professionals working in a foreign culture share their impressions and experiences and tell us how they adapted to the new ways.

Touchstone Awards Special Report

Becky Rude, co-editor, met the winners of the Best of Show awards and talked with them about their award-winning projects. She lets us in on the secret to their success.

Blast from the Past

Ashwini Tharval, co-editor, concludes our journey through past newsletters with a look at old mastheads and how they have changed over the years.


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The Devil Mountain Views -- May/June 2002
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