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September/October 2003

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Beautiful hotel grounds in DallasNotes on the 2003 Annual STC Conference
EBSTC President, Susan Harlan, provides a summary of the sessions she attended at the conference and identifies trends in our profession.


How Literacy Outreach Spent Summer Vacation
What did you do on your summer vacation? T.R. Grill didn't have a vacation, as he was busy with student field trips and updating the Literacy Project web site!


STC as a Volunteer Organization
Different generations view volunteerism in very distinct ways. Susan Harlan discusses these differences and how they relate to STC.

Short Story: Lethal Pen
Adrienne Tange
entertains us with a chilling tale of a phantom editor.


Ask Elaine: Reining in Apostrophilia
DMV Copyeditor, Elaine Parrish, kicks off her new column with insight into the ubiquitous apostrophe.



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