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September / October 2010

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Feature Articles

Together or Apart: Collaboration Models for Technical Writing

Tom Johnson, a technical communications blogger, argues that the model of the lone writer who writes an entire manual on their own is dead.

Write on Time: Is Business Development More Than Just Finding the Next Job?

EBSTC Senior Member Melody Brumis and co-owner of Write on Time Solutions asks: If you are working for yourself and work is slow, how do you develop more business?

Grammar School: Agreement

Meredy Amyx, recently retired from Cisco Systems, continues her series of grammatical articles started in the May / June issue of Devil Mountain Views, this time discussing subject—verb agreement.

EBSTC Literacy Outreach Expands to Support Science Notes

T. R. Girill of the East Bay STC Literacy Project found that one of the items that science teachers requested the most for the Web site was how students could take notes effectively.

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