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November/December 2002

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Emerging Technologies

Emerging Technologies
Don Huntington, contributing editor, gives a few suggestions on keeping up with changes. Reading this newsletter is one of them!


So, you want a lengthy contract? Before you decide, read the chilling tale of one Ms. Tina Smart in 'Terminal Contract' written by Adrienne Tange.

Staying Busy in a Slumping Economy

Staying Busy in a Slumping Economy
Don Huntington gives us some tips on how to maintain great relations with your client, no matter what the project.

Member Spotlight

Member Spotlight
Lenore Weiss shares her story, "After my previous job developing online help for e-commerce applications at an aspiring dotcom that was going nowhere, I longed to be sacrificed to lay-offs."

Chapter Activities

Chapter Activities
Leaders Wanted! - You can server your chapter and boost your career.
Literacy Project - Catch up on the project news.
Congrats Sr Members - New Senior Members.





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