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November/December 2003

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What's in a Mark?
In your home, do you use tissues or Kleenex? It makes a difference, as Dara Golden points out in her article exploring the intricacies of trademarks.


What Do I Get for Belonging to STC?
To kick off our membership drive, Suzanna Laurent shares some not-so-obvious benefits of joining STC.


Short Story: Half-Full
Think you've had a bad day? Adrienne Tange makes you think about life's twists in her short story about a technical writer who is laid off before the holidays.


Member Spotlight
Melody Brumis
interviews Hillary Russak, EBSTC Arrangements Manager, and a winner of the Kenneth Gordon Scholarship.


Ask Elaine: A Matter of Style
Elaine Parrish tells us that editing is not always an exact science, but rather an art form that depends on many factors. But, do beware if your editor uses Larry, Moe, and Curly’s Guide to Talking Better English!



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