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November/December 2004

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Happy Thanksgiving!

Transition, Change, A Rose by Any Other Name...
Laura Phillips has made many transitions in her professional life, and has some words of advice for those of you facing similar challenges.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Psst—Wanna Know a Secret?
Joy Montgomery gives us a unique outlook on how you can take a chance and get valuable new skills for that job you've always wanted.

Happy Thanksgiving!

On Becoming a "Senior"
Elaine Parrish reaches two milestones this year: 25 years with her employer and 5 years as an STC member. She shares her story of accepting change and taking risks in her career, which landed her in unexpected territory.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Member Spotlight: Liz Miller
Read about the busy life of Liz Miller who is not only a technical communicator, but an inline skating enthusiast who has carved out her own niche as a small business owner.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Ask Elaine: Confounding Compounds
Elaine Parrish offers helpful tips on understanding those confusing two-part words. Should you use follow-up or follow up, break down or breakdown, rubber-stamp or rubber stamp?

Happy Thanksgiving!

Director's Report: TRAF Technique Saves Time
Suzanna Laurent shares a technique that can help you efficiently process your mail messages to simplify your life.



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Happy Thanksgiving!


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