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November/December 2008

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Council Officer's Election was announced at the November 6th meeting -- Congratulations to the new officers:

  • Ann Adams, President
  • Adrienne Tange, President-Elect
  • Joe Humbert, Treasurer
  • Jeanie Egbert, V.P. Arrangements
  • Gina Gotsill, Secretary
  • Richard Mateosian, Nominating Committee

Feature Articles

That or Who? Knowing When Who is More Appropriate

Karen Reiser, a freelance writer and editor in Ohio, provides guidelines and examples to help us determine when to use "that" or "who" as relative pronouns to introduce adjective clauses.

Creating a Professional Portfolio

Louellen S. Coker, owner and President of Content Solutions in Denton, Texas, and an Award of Excellence Winner in the Society for Technical Communication's 2008 International Technical Publications Competition, shares tips about creating a professional portfolio.

Write on Time: Marketing Your Business

Melody Brumis, EBSTC Senior Member/Publicity Manager, describes how she and business partner Adrienne Tange market their writing business, Write on Time Solutions.

Now, More Than Ever, STC is Important to Your Career

Bryce A. Walat, President of the Pittsburgh STC Chapter, is a technical writer and editor who lives in Coraopolis, Pennsylvania. Read his letter to STC members for insights about why we should renew our STC memberships.

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