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November / December 2009

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  • The East Bay STC Holiday Party is scheduled for December 3 at Crow Canyon. Fun, games, raffle prizes. Register early (by November 19) for your STC discount.

  • Devil Mountain Views garnered another award in its long list of awards (nine in the last eleven years): Award of Merit in the 2008-2009 STC International Newsletter Competition. Congratulations to the editors for such diligent work.

  • Long lost newsletter from Sept/Oct 1999 restored. Thanks to June Schaefer, our archivist, who retrieved the original print document and to Joe Humbert who scanned and posted it in our Archives.

    Some chapter volunteers ten years ago are still active in the chapter today. These include Judy Herr (then president), Gwaltney Mountford (nominating chair), Jeanie Egbert (webweaver), May McKoon (arrangements), Susan Moxley (newsletter copyeditor), and T.R. Girill (contributed a book review).

Feature Articles

The Black Art of Estimation

Gordon McLean, a technical author in Scotland, gives tips and tools on how to estimate how long it would take to create documentation for a project.

Write on Time: Should You Hire a Friend?

Melody Brumis, EBSTC Senior member and co-owner of Write on Time, writes about if and how you should hire a friend. Tricky because if you hired them, you might have to fire them.

Progressive Versus Simple Tense Verbs

Karen Reiser, a guest contributor from Ohio, shows how writing fewer words can lead to clearer writing.

Writing Good Instructions Is Sometimes a Matter of Life or Death

Rogers George, a technical writer for more than 20 years, gives tips on how writing good instructions can sometimes save a life.

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