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Becky Rudeby Becky Rude
DMV Managing Editor



In this issue, we welcome back our familiar writers as well as a couple of new writers. A new member, Greg Thompson, is just the kind of member we like to have as he volunteered to help the chapter as soon as he joined. Greg wrote the meeting report for January when we held a roundtable discussion called “Cool Careers for Technical Communicators.” We also welcome longtime STC member, Patrick Lufkin, who wrote a book review of O’Reilly’s XML Hacks. Patrick has long been an honorary EBSTC member, but this year became an official member, choosing EBSTC as his second chapter. (Remember you can now join additional chapters for just $10.)

This issue also contains advice from our feature writer Dara Golden on writing for volunteer organizations.

Joy Montgomery presents the second article in her two-part series on resume writing. Following her advice could get your resume past the screening process where it’s easy for resumes to be brushed aside.

And finally, our own copyeditor, Elaine Parrish, entertains and educates us with her regular column Ask Elaine.

Looking for Writers

Our final issue for this fiscal year will be published in May. If you would like to contribute, please contact me. We’re always looking for talented writers!


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