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Creating and supporting a forum for communities of practice in the profession of technical communication.

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Arlington, VA 22203-1822

DMV Basics

The East Bay Chapter newsletter is named after a local landmark, Mount Diablo, in Northern California. With a few exceptions, all distances in California are measured from that point, called the Mount Diablo Meridian. The East Bay Chapter serves the cities along the 680 corridor and the east/west part of 580. City-wise it's Vallejo to Pleasanton, Tracy to Oakland and Fremont. We have members from each of those places.

We are always interested in sharing technical communication trends and information with our readers. For details, contact the Managing Editor.

Devil Mountain Views is published bimonthly, five times a year (September, November, January, March, May) with occasional e-news.

Sep/Oct 2004 issue – Aug 2, 2004
Nov/Dec 2004 issue – Oct 2, 2004
Jan/Feb 2005 issue – Dec 2, 2004
Mar/Apr 2005 issue – Feb 2, 2005
May/Jun 2005 issue – Apr 2, 2005

If you are submitting an article, please download our template to use as a guideline for writing your article.

Articles may be reprinted provided credit is given to Devil Mountain Views and the author, and a link to the article is sent to the Managing Editor. If the newsletter is printed, please send two copies to the mailing address listed below.

Becky Rude, Managing Editor, 665 Oak Circle, Pleasanton, CA 94566.


Product Types: Only advertisements for products or services related to technical communication can be placed on the EBSTC web site and Devil Mountain Views.

Format: Ads must be in either GIF or JPG format.

Dimensions & Rates: The following rates are valid for one month on the EBSTC web site or one issue of the newsletter.

336 X 280 = $150
468 X 60 = $120
160 X 155 = $80
120 X 60 = $50

Ad Location: The EBSTC webmaster and the managing editor determine the appropriate ad placement. Ads may be placed on any page in the web site or newsletter or on a sponsors page. Ads will be included in the "Printer Friendly" version of the newsletter.

Payment: Payment must be received by the East Bay Chapter treasurer before the ad is run. Payment can be made by check.

Inquiries: If you have questions or want to start your ad, please contact the Managing Editor.

Copyright Statement

This newsletter invites writers to submit articles that they wish to be considered for publication. Note: By submitting an article, you implicitly grant a license to this newsletter to run the article and for other STC publications to reprint it without permission. Copyright is held by the writer. When you submit an article, please let the editor know if this article has run elsewhere, and if it has been submitted for consideration to other publications.

Devil Mountain Views also reserves the right to edit articles to fit its stylistic standards and space constraints. Articles are edited, copyedited, and proof-read before publication. The newsletter also reserves the right to not print articles deemed unfit for publication.

Unless otherwise noted, copyrights for all newsletter articles belong to the authors. The design and layout of this newsletter are copyright STC, 2004.

DMV Staff

Becky Rude

Hasmig Vasgerdsian
Laura Phillips

Elaine Parrish

Dara Golden

Becky Rude

Sue Phelan

Chapter Officers

For a complete list of officers, see the EBSTC web site's Leadership page.

Becky Rude, 925-462-1676

Linda Shaltz, 925-842-8129

Joseph Humbert, 510-638-3529

Ashwini Tharval, 925-901-0589

DMV History

Note: We will update this section as our chapter archives are updated. If you were a Managing Editor during a time frame that is missing from the history, please let us know.




Managing Editor: Becky Rude


Acting Managing Editor: Becky Rude
Guest Managing Editor: Gwaltney Mountford
Award of Excellence in the STC International Newsletter Competition.


Managing Editor: Ashwini Tharval
Best of Show, Most Improved, Distinguished Technical Communication awards in the STC International Newsletter Competition.


Managing Editors: Ashwini Tharval and Becky Rude.
The newsletter is launched online in Web format.
Award of Merit in the STC International Newsletter Competition.


Managing Editor: Teresa Washburn
Award of Excellence in the STC International Newsletter Competition.


Managing Editor: Kelly Walker
Award of Excellence in the STC International Newsletter Competition.


Managing Editor: Melody Brumis
Newsletter name changed to Devil Mountain Views. Susan Moxley won the contest held to rename the newsletter.
In July 1996, a spoof issue called East Bay Flame is published.


Managing Editor: Bruce Robinson
An offshoot, the Twig, is published by President Gwaltney Mountford to supplement the East Bay Log.


Newsletter name changed to East Bay Log.


The Pacifica News was published in the fall in the year the Pacifica chapter was founded. (The chapter was renamed to East Bay in 1982 under President T.R. Girill.)Top of page



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