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Devil Mountain Views – Fourth Quarter 2017 Issue

Happy Holidays!
EBSTC wishes all of its members success and prosperity in 2018.

President’s Message: Reflection, TC Camp, and Elections
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October 5: The Education of a Tech Writer [recap]
November 7: E Pluribus Unum — Out of many deliverables, one story [recap]
December 7: Holiday Party at the Brass Door 

The Education of a Tech Writer [Meeting Recap]

Summary: Sure, you can punctuate, hyphenate, elaborate and decimate a sentence to its purest, most elegant message. By golly, you are a software nerd! But according to Dave Gardner, our presenter on October 2017 meeting, that’s really not enough to sustain a career in technical communications. Learn why…

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E Pluribus Unum — Out of many deliverables, one story [Meeting Recap]

Summary: At our November 2017 meeting, Tom Goering gave a status-to-date perspective on his company’s development of what was envisioned as a world-class Decision Support Management System that would expand its customer base. What happened when the massive team faced the realities of collaboration, resourcing and delivering? Read on…

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