Volunteer Opportunities

The benefits of volunteering

STC works best if each chapter is a thriving community of technical communicators, coming together to help each other grow professionally and give back to the community in ways that shine a light on the power and value of what we do. Coming to meetings is a way to help build that community, but it’s only the beginning. Meetings, newsletters, websites, conferences, competitions, and other activities don’t just happen. Someone has to do the work, and that work is lighter — and more fun — if many hands share it.

Even five minutes helping to find the best title for a blog post can be a big help.

What goes around comes around, and when you pitch in, good things happen. It doesn’t have to take a lot of time. Even five minutes helping to find the best title for a blog post can be a big help. Holding an elective office is a bigger commitment, but there are many tasks in between. You just have to ask, or sometimes you just have to be there when a need arises.

Volunteer opportunities—big and small

Below are some of our current volunteer opportunities. It’s a fun way to meet people (and doesn’t hurt your resume either!) You’ll make new friends, and your contribution will be greatly appreciated!

If you’re interested, drop by a dinner meeting or send us a quick email at stceastbay@gmail.com. (It will help us if you include Volunteering in the subject line, but it’s not necessary.)

Be part of the friendly chapter — Build your skills — Earn reward smiles for every hour spent!

Easy ways to get (a little) involved

There are many ways to become an active part of the EBSTC chapter. Have you discovered a useful book or new piece of software? Write a review for the newsletter! Do you have experience that can benefit other technical communicators? Write a brief newsletter article and share your expertise. As you can see below, it’s possible to get involved even if you don’t have a lot of time!

Help out with the website. Help edit articles or add content. Take a look around and see where you can contribute!
Time commitment: It’s up to you!

Write a newsletter article. Share your expertise or experience, or share job interviewing tips, etc.
Time commitment: 2-3 hours

Write a review for the newsletter. Write a book or software review.
Time commitment: It’s up to you!

Set up new member orientation. Plan a social before two meetings during the year, in the Fall and in the Spring.
Time commitment: 1-2 hours total for each social.

Easy ways to get a little more involved!

Want to be more involved in EBSTC? Maybe your’e you looking to increase networking opportunities and improve your skill set. Or you have special skills (managing, marketing, fundraising, etc.) and nowhere to exercise them. Or, you just want to be a bigger part of the Friendly Chapter! Here are some additional opportunities for you to sink your teeth into:

Serve on the Strategic Planning Committee. As a member of this committee, you will work with a small team to update our Strategic Plan, including drafting the Plan and having it reviewed by the Chapter Council.
Time commitment: Depends on status at time you join the committee.

Organize an educational seminar. This is a good one to do with a friend or two. Here are the basic steps required.
Time commitment: varies

  • Find an instructor and topic
  • Set up a meeting place
  • Help with registration and/or check-in
  • Help with meal planning
  • Publicity

Obtain chapter sponsors. Solicit local companies for additional chapter sponsorships.
Time commitment: varies

Still thinking? Here are some tangible benefits:

  • Other members notice you and remember your contributions when they have paying jobs to fill. Ask most STC members, and they’ll tell you about a job they got through this sort of networking.
  • If you help with the website, you can learn valuable skills — like using WordPress or how HTML and CSS work.
  • If you write for the newsletter, you can add to your professional portfolio. Members who attend meetings — or better yet, write articles about meeting topics — benefit when that topic comes up in a job interview.
  • If you help plan programs, you have a good excuse to get in touch with really interesting people. And you can set up programs about topics that interest you.
  • If you help publicize our activities, you can hone your social media and outreach skills.
  • If you help to lead the chapter or any of its activities, you become a more confident leader and manager.
  • The chapter recognizes the contributions of volunteers with a variety of awards, and these look good on your resume.
  • It’s great to be part of a community, especially the Friendly Chapter.