Spelling Checker vs. Careful Editing

A spelling checker is a handy tool, but it is no substitute for a careful edit performed by a qualified editor. The following are instances of actual errors that the spelling checker missed.

Congratulations to all IT deplorers!

A project coordinator intended to congratulate the IT people who successfully deployed software in a challenging IT environment. Apparently, the coordinator typed the term deployers, which the spelling checker flagged as misspelled. In responding to the error, the coordinator must have right-clicked and selected the suggested deplorers without scrutinizing its meaning.

Note: The noun deployer appears in a few dictionaries, such as American Heritage, but other reputable dictionaries do not acknowledge the term.

We have pizza to delight your pallet

While writing a lunch invitation, the host of the lunch mistakenly used the word pallet instead of palate.

  • A pallet holds heavy objects and is lifted by a forklift or pallet jack … and apparently likes pizza.
  • A palate, which refers to the roof of the mouth, was the intended word.
  • A palette refers to an artist’s palette.
  • A pallette is part of a suit of armor, specifically, a plate that protects the armpit.

With so many similar-sounding words (homonyms), is it any wonder these terms are problematic?

His roll has changed

Unless his dinner roll did indeed change, or maybe he’s a gymnast or a stunt driver who learned a new move, roll should be role.

6. Lick File, Save As

A curriculum developer was writing a training guide about how to use a software program step-by-step. He misspelled Click. Can you imagine how a novice computer user might respond to this step?

Thrust your instincts

Thrust should be trust, as in don’t trust the spelling checker.

Marlyn Peacock
Guest Author