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Responsive EPUB, Really? – 5 May 2016 [Meeting]

EPUBs are great for delivering content on multiple devices: phones, tablets, laptops, and desktops. But how do you ensure it looks good on all those screens without producing multiple versions of the same “book”? The same way you’d do it on a website, use responsive technologies so the layout updates automatically! Yes, an EPUB is just a “website in a box.” You should be able to do most anything you can do in a browser. All EPUB readers are not there yet, but it is getting better, and it makes sense for you to start learning how to take advantage of this delivery method, so you’re ready.

This presentation provides some background on the EPUB format, talks about new features that can be included with the latest version of the specification, and discusses the issues you may encounter on various devices and platforms. We’ll go over the available ebook readers as well as the limitations with the popular techcomm tools that can be used to produce EPUBs. Continue reading