Monthly Archives: July 2016

President’s Message – 2016-Q2

want to make sure EBSTC is providing the resources and professional connections that help our members succeed as technical writers and communicators. Our primary means of achieving this goal is through chapter meetings with great information, good food, and a chance to network with our fellow communicators.

But what about those members who do not or cannot attend the monthly meetings? Knowing how to serve everyone better is important because we are on the brink of launching some exciting and very visible changes that can be fine-tuned to meet more members’ needs. Continue reading

Editor’s Message – 2016-Q2

DMV Marches On – Albeit Slowly

This issue of Devil Mountain Views (DMV) comes a bit later than expected. We are at the beginning of the third quarter in the blink of an eye. EBSTC will take its annual summer break and will resume monthly programs in September.

Our feature article in this issue is about the benefits of volunteering at EBSTC – benefits to your career as well as to the chapter. Continue reading

Why Becoming an EBSTC Volunteer is Good for You

STC works best if each chapter is a thriving community of technical communicators, coming together to help each other grow professionally and give back to the community in ways that shine a light on the power and value of what we do. Coming to meetings is a way to help build that community, but it’s only the beginning. Meetings, newsletters, websites, conferences, competitions, and other activities don’t just happen. Someone has to do the work, and that work is lighter — and more fun — if many hands share it.

What goes around comes around, and when you pitch in, good things happen. It doesn’t have to take a lot of time. Even five minutes helping to find the best title for a blog post can be a big help. Holding an elective office is a bigger commitment, but there are many tasks in between. You just have to ask, or sometimes you just have to be there when a need arises. Continue reading