Moving to a WordPress Website: East Bay Chapter [Meeting Recap]

Summary: At the May 2017 meeting, Jane Olivera shared the East Bay STC chapter’s new website in WordPress. This versatile publishing platform offers simple tools that are easy to use and adapt. Find out why we moved to WordPress.

About Jane Olivera

Jane Olivera has been a technical communicator for more than 25 years, working with scientific and engineering information. She became involved with website design in the very early days of the web and created and taught a class in HTML. She has worked around the edges of web programming technologies, so she tackled WordPress and has been having fun (and not a little frustration) learning its many ins and outs.

Why did we move to WordPress?

WordPress is a simple tool that offers comprehensive features. IT provides a combination of blogs and pages. Blogs can be published right away making content, such as program recaps, much more current.

The migration to WordPress also creates opportunities for our members. Any East Bay STC member can now write a blog post directly on the WordPress site while the publishing rights remain with the site administrator. Members can also post book reviews as a blog and exchange thoughts via the Comments feature.

Editing and publishing the blogs and pages is also a quick process. Additionally, tags make it easy to search for published content. WordPress also allows you to automatically populate content in specific blogs based on the applied categories and filters.

User-friendly interface

WordPress has a very clean and obvious interface with a dashboard view that displays various activities, such as published and ongoing drafts, at a glance. During the meeting, Jane provided a demo to highlight the process for creating, editing, sharing and publishing a blog post. There are separate pages for chapter administration that can be locked and limited to chapter officers as needed.

The East bay chapter is still in the process of migrating content and working out the finer details. If you are interested in learning more or if you would like to join us on our journey to WordPress, please contact us.

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