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Spring Social: Lunch and Grammar Games

When: Saturday 23 March 2019, 1 PM
Where: The Clubhouse at the Pleasanton Hotel, 855 Main Street, Pleasanton, CA 94566

NorCal STC’s 2019 Grammar Games!

Do you have a strong preference between the Chicago Manual of Style and the Microsoft Manual of Style?

Do you cringe when people use there/their/they’re incorrectly?

Do you use proper grammar, spelling, and punctuation in text messages?

Then this event is for you: the inaugural NorCal STC Grammar Games!  

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NorCal STC Viewing Parties – A new way to participate remotely

The six STC chapters in Northern CA (the four active chapters and the two closed chapters), are trying something new.

Our members have told us that:

  • they want to connect with their professional peers
  • they don’t want to sit in traffic
  • they want opportunities to grow their expertise, but
  • they want to break away from the same-old STC events of the past.

We came up with the Viewing Party. The idea is to support more regional, distributed events to more people in more places. Continue reading

Adopting An Agile Content Development Process – 11 February 2019 [Meeting]

My colleague and I managed a team of 5 to 7 writers, using Agile processes to successfully overhaul a Help system for complex genetic sequencing software in just over six months. The approach uses 3 weekly sprints that gets each writer 1) analyzing and identifying gaps in existing content 2) writing and updating content, and then 3) peer editing and revising content. The sprints overlap so that every week each writer is actively writing, peer reviewing and editing content.

Facing deadlines for frequent quarterly releases, we used Excel spreadsheets and OneNote notebooks to record meeting notes, topic TOCs and assignments, rather than a more administrative intensive ticket-based system (such as JIRA). Writers, whose skill levels ranged from junior to senior, learned how to use the software through hour-long question-and-answer group sessions with SMEs.

Attend this session to learn how an agile writing process can help boost collaboration and increase comradeship amongst information developers; decrease the time spent with subject matter experts, and optimize content development

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Touchstone Dinner – 19 January 2019 [Event]

This annual event features a catered buffet dinner, great companionship with fellow communicators, and valuable door prizes.

See the entries, congratulate the winners!

At the dinner, we will display the winning entries throughout the evening. See examples of technical communication exhibit the best in our profession.

We will announce the Northern California Technical Communication Touchstone Competition winners at the dinner.

Help us recognize the technical communicators who submitted entries and the competition judges and Berkeley chapter volunteers for their work supporting the competition.

Network and have fun

This party is an annual favorite — casual and festive. Come have fun while keeping up with the best work of your peers.

Every attendee is entered into our yearly raffle, which once again will feature valuable raffle items offered through the generosity and support from the leading vendors in our professional community.

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Here’s what we’re planning for 2019

We at STC East Bay are considering a motion that would significantly change how the chapter functions in 2019 and onward. In theory, it would provide more content to you on a more predictable schedule, better access to talent and knowledge from our other chapters in the Bay Area, and greater flexibility for us–and you–when it comes to planning events.

What’s the big idea?

The idea is to merge the East Bay, Berkeley, San Francisco, and Silicon Valley chapters into one mega-chapter, tentatively called STC Northern California (or STC NorCal).

Why make the change?

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