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How STC helped me get a job at Facebook

I’m on my fourth career. I started as an aerospace engineer, taught myself Visual Basic and became a programmer/analyst, got a master’s in education and briefly flirted with becoming a math teacher, and then decided to check out this thing called “technical writing.”

One of the first things I did was look for a way to meet people. I found the Society for Technical Communication and a chapter that met 15 minutes from my home. I started attending meetings, learning more about the profession I wanted to enter. I made contacts and friends.

At one of the early meetings I attended, I met a recruiter and a blogger. I mustered my courage to speak to both of them after the meeting and received some advice and a few contacts that would, ultimately, lead to my dream job at Facebook. Though not for about 18 months. Continue reading

President’s Message – 2017-Q1

I’m excited to announce our Q1 Devil Mountain Views, published on March 20. Meanwhile, here’s a quick summary of what’s been going on at our dinner programs.

Our February and March programs were entertaining and practical! In February, we heard Jane Wilson speak about Creating User Documentation in an Agile World and, in March, Bruce Poropot talked about Minimalist Writing for Maximum Communication. Continue reading

Incoming President’s Message – 2017-Q1

Time to Celebrate!

Greetings from your new president! If you’re reading the email version of our newsletter, I hope you’ll take a moment to hop over to and admire our beautiful new website! We are LIVE on WordPress, and it’s all thanks to our stellar WordPress migration team headed by Jane Olivera, with Joe Humbert, technology insight from Liz Fraley, and driven to completion by past-president Liz Miller. Kudos to the team for completing this major project, and please check out our Friendly new website! Continue reading

TC Camp 2017 Is Coming

The 5th Annual TC Camp, the techcomm unconference, is coming up in 3 short weeks!

What’s an unconference?

It’s an intense day of learning that’s totally relevant to you! Sessions topics are defined by the attendees on the day of the event. There are no presenters, no juried presentations. Instead, you can join together with other like-minded people to discuss topics that interest you! Continue reading