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Here’s what’s coming up at the East Bay Chapter of the STC.

The East Bay chapter meets on the first Thursday of the month (with a couple of exceptions a holiday is near – like the 4th of July or New Year’s day). Check back here for details of the Next Meeting.

Are you looking for the list of past meetings?

TC Camp & API Workshop – 26 & 27 April 2019 [Event]

Unconference – Saturday 27 April

Hosted this year at San Jose State University, TC Camp is a weekend of collaboration and creative energy. At this popular techcomm getaway, you’ll do more than talk shop with Silicon Valley’s best technical communicators – you’ll come away with a whole new set of information development skills and resources. Soak up five expert workshops on topics like static website generation, promoting smooth SME communication, and more. Learn more…

Pre-Camp Full-Day API Training – Friday 26 April

And don’t miss the pre-camp full-day API Training bootcamp on April 26! A working understanding of good API documentation is swiftly becoming a prerequisite for many Bay Area writing positions. Whether you’re a beginner to the concept, or have some experience with APIs but could use that extra edge, this is the event to solidify your knowledge and transform it into high-value savvy. Learn More…

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The Current Market for Technical Communicators in the Bay Area [Virtual Meeting – 10 April 2019]

As a veteran recruiter of technical content developers, Andrew will present his insights on the current job market for tech writing and other services in the Bay Area. Where are the jobs now, and where might they be moving in the next year? How can you stay relevant in your current role, or grow to fit a new one?

About Andrew Davis

Andrew Davis

Andrew Davis has recruited technical content developers in the SF Bay Area since 1995. He is a former software industry Technical Writer and has a reputation for both understanding and championing the role of content development.

Andrew enjoys helping those who communicate complex information get ahead by recognizing and refining their value to technology companies. He’s candid and connected and, just as importantly, he likes to help tech industry workers achieve independence from intermediaries.

Date: Wednesday, April 10, 2019
Social Time: 6:00-7:15pm
Presentation Time: 7:15-8:30pm
Location: NorCal STC on Facebook
Cost: Free

Go to Berkeley or Watch Remotely! 

Andrew will be at the Berkeley STC Chapter in person but they will be streaming their meeting live over Facebook. You can watch – without braving 5:30 traffic. 

Get interactive! The Berkeley team will be monitoring the chat window. Hop onto NorCal STC on Facebook, and you can ask the speaker your burning questions in real-time!

How do I see the feed? 

On the NorCal Facebook page, there’s a navigation link for Videos on the left hand side. Refresh the page as the Presentation Time gets closer. As soon as the feed is live, a RED DOT will appear next to the Video link. Click the link and then join the livestream.

Adopting An Agile Content Development Process – 11 February 2019 [Meeting]

My colleague and I managed a team of 5 to 7 writers, using Agile processes to successfully overhaul a Help system for complex genetic sequencing software in just over six months. The approach uses 3 weekly sprints that gets each writer 1) analyzing and identifying gaps in existing content 2) writing and updating content, and then 3) peer editing and revising content. The sprints overlap so that every week each writer is actively writing, peer reviewing and editing content.

Facing deadlines for frequent quarterly releases, we used Excel spreadsheets and OneNote notebooks to record meeting notes, topic TOCs and assignments, rather than a more administrative intensive ticket-based system (such as JIRA). Writers, whose skill levels ranged from junior to senior, learned how to use the software through hour-long question-and-answer group sessions with SMEs.

Attend this session to learn how an agile writing process can help boost collaboration and increase comradeship amongst information developers; decrease the time spent with subject matter experts, and optimize content development

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STC Events Schedule 2019

Welcome to a new year!

We hope everyone had a safe and new year! (If you’ve caught yourself still writing “2018” on your checks—don’t worry, it happens to the best of us. Give it a month.)

As you may recall, last month the East Bay chapter partnered with Silicon Valley, Berkeley, and San Francisco to float an idea to all of you: merging the four chapters into STC NorCal. We asked for your input, and you responded brilliantly – thanks to all who contributed.

The response was overwhelmingly positive: 88% of all respondents supported the plan as written (of these, 62% indicated strong support), and offered a variety of reasons and suggestions for their approval. Some folks had very reasonable concerns regarding responsible budgeting and content archiving, to name a few. The chapter leadership will work to address these points going forward.

That said, it’s January, and here’s an outline of what you can expect for the rest of the year!

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Touchstone Dinner – 19 January 2019 [Event]

This annual event features a catered buffet dinner, great companionship with fellow communicators, and valuable door prizes.

See the entries, congratulate the winners!

At the dinner, we will display the winning entries throughout the evening. See examples of technical communication exhibit the best in our profession.

We will announce the Northern California Technical Communication Touchstone Competition winners at the dinner.

Help us recognize the technical communicators who submitted entries and the competition judges and Berkeley chapter volunteers for their work supporting the competition.

Network and have fun

This party is an annual favorite — casual and festive. Come have fun while keeping up with the best work of your peers.

Every attendee is entered into our yearly raffle, which once again will feature valuable raffle items offered through the generosity and support from the leading vendors in our professional community.

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