Happy New Year from EBSTC!

If you missed Lori Meyer’s January presentation, The Editor as Collaborator: Communication Makes the Difference, you missed some great insights that apply to any career, not just technical editing.

Here are my takeaways:

  • Be a part of the team, not outside the team
    “Get to know your your team mates”
    “See edits as teamwork and focus on the doc”
  • Express yourself in a positive way
    “For every don’t, there’s a do
    “Note the good as well as the bad”
  • Manage expectations
    “Clarify expectations regarding the extent of edits”
  • Recognize you may not always know everything
    “Query with an open mind”
    “Consider the background of the project” (e.g., external schedule pressures)

The last bullet is key to working with other professionals, such as developers, because everyone appreciates when their expertise is respected. When you “query with an open mind” you show you are part of the team and focused on the doc rather than only your individual goals.

Not only are you more likely to learn something with this approach, but—as Lori says—communicating well leads to more opportunities!

I’m very excited to be your chapter president this year. Here’s to more opportunities and a fantastic 2017!

— Gale Naylor

Gale Naylor