Mastering Your Website 101 – 30 April 2019 [Meeting]

Feeling intimidated about running a website? Considering moving from your old hosting service to another? Don’t know the difference between your HTTPs and your PHPs? Want to learn some tricks and tips for streamlining your web presence with social media?

Then this is the webinar for you. We’ll go over the basics of creating and running a website using WordPress and cPanel, along with some additional tools designed to make your webmastering easier.


  • Establishing a domain.
  • Hosting the content of that domain.
  • Creating content on your hosted domain by using WordPress.
  • Managing website background details with tools like cPanel.

About the Speaker

Tim Esposito

Timothy Esposito, Principal Technical Writer at Oracle Corporation, is an STC Fellow with over 18 years of technical communication experience. He is the past President of the STC Philadelphia Metro chapter. Before becoming president, Timothy was VP, chapter treasurer, webmaster, and scholarship manager. He lives just outside Philadelphia with his wife and son.

Meeting Logistics

When: Tuesday 30 April 2019. The webinar starts at 6:30 PM

This meeting is being held by the Santa Barbara chapter.