Adopting An Agile Content Development Process – 11 February 2019 [Meeting]

My colleague and I managed a team of 5 to 7 writers, using Agile processes to successfully overhaul a Help system for complex genetic sequencing software in just over six months. The approach uses 3 weekly sprints that gets each writer 1) analyzing and identifying gaps in existing content 2) writing and updating content, and then 3) peer editing and revising content. The sprints overlap so that every week each writer is actively writing, peer reviewing and editing content.

Facing deadlines for frequent quarterly releases, we used Excel spreadsheets and OneNote notebooks to record meeting notes, topic TOCs and assignments, rather than a more administrative intensive ticket-based system (such as JIRA). Writers, whose skill levels ranged from junior to senior, learned how to use the software through hour-long question-and-answer group sessions with SMEs.

Attend this session to learn how an agile writing process can help boost collaboration and increase comradeship amongst information developers; decrease the time spent with subject matter experts, and optimize content development

About the Speaker

Debra Brinson

Debra Brinson has a bachelor’s degree in Biology from the University of California, Santa Cruz and a master’s degree in journalism from New York University. She has worked in the Bay Area as a technical writer for over 20 years, a second profession that she transitioned to after spending five years working as a journalist. This profession continues to pique her interest because it provides opportunities to learn every day, and constantly entices her to climb out of a comfort zone and continually grow.

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