NorCal STC Viewing Parties – A new way to participate remotely

The six STC chapters in Northern CA (the four active chapters and the two closed chapters), are trying something new.

Our members have told us that:

  • they want to connect with their professional peers
  • they don’t want to sit in traffic
  • they want opportunities to grow their expertise, but
  • they want to break away from the same-old STC events of the past.

We came up with the Viewing Party. The idea is to support more regional, distributed events to more people in more places.

What’s a viewing party?

Just like a Superbowl party, at a viewing party, you and others gather to watch and participate remotely in a NorCal STC livestream event—together!

Whether this means you are in a room with the speaker or that you are sitting in the same room with other professionals all watching the speaker present virtually, you still get the benefits of a live, in-person, networking opportunity—without having to drive across town!

How does it work?

Every month, one region (the host location) will sponsor an in-person event. They will book a speaker and a location.

All the other regions (the satellite locations) will coordinate at least one viewing party at a location in their local region. They will book a location and make sure that they have an internet connection and AV tech.

On the night of the meeting, the host location will broadcast the speaker and the assembled meeting participants.

Each satellite location will connect to the broadcast and watch remotely as a group.

For anyone who can’t make either the host location or any of the satellite locations, they can watch the broadcast from wherever they are.

From now on…Attend Your Way!

For Technical Communications professionals in Northern California: San Francisco, North Bay, East Bay, South Bay, Peninsula, Berkeley, and Sacramento can all watch the livestream, learn, and network with other local techcomm professionals.

We can be virtual and physically present all at the same time.

Option #1: Attend in person

Go to the meeting at the host meeting. At this location, you will be in the same room as the speaker and your peers.

Option #2: Attend a viewing party

Go to a satellite meeting. At a satellite location, gather with other regional professionals who are in your same local region and watch the broadcast together. Have the chance to network and learn, without having to cross town or sit in traffic!

Option #3: Attend remotely

Go to the NorCal Facebook page and join the livestream. Watch from the Videos tab. We’ll be keeping an eye on the comments stream, so you can still participate from wherever you are!

Want to host a viewing party?

In order to encourage more local events, in more regions, without the corresponding overhead, we’re opening up satellite meetings to any chapter member who wants to hold one in their area.

Can’t make it to Santa Clara or Berkeley or Sacramento? No problem! Volunteer to host professionals near you.

Secure a location: Have people to your house. Meet in a coffee shop, library, or restaurant. All you need is a space and a wifi connection.

We know that the idea is a little daunting, but you’re not alone. You can have a co-host. And the local leadership is here to help as well.

Fill out the form, and we’ll help you get started!