Privacy on the Internet…I don’t think so – 1 November 2018 [Meeting]

You will be provided with real world examples by a presenter whose primary work is Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) investigation, along with an extensive handout containing various domestic and international websites for gathering intelligence, tips for searching, list of available tools, and list of OSINT experts to which you can turn when you have specific needs. We will delve into privacy plus the ups and down of LinkedIn, Amazon, social networking and online searching such as Spokeo.

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About Our Speaker

Cynthia NavarroCynthia Navarro has worked in the area of investigations for over 35 years and is currently the president of Finnegan’s Way, an investigative consultation and training firm located in California. In this role she manages both civil and criminal investigations and consults worldwide in the areas of anti-piracy, business backgrounds, IP, in addition to specializing in OSINT investigations. Prior to Finnegan’s Way, Ms. Navarro held various management positions at several Silicon Valley firms. In these positions, she was responsible for managing business intelligence gathering, intellectual property theft investigations, interviews, OSINT investigations, and training. She has taught using the internet as an investigative tool to law enforcement and corporate investigators worldwide.

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Date: Thursday, 1 November 2018.

We had trouble with connectivity deep inside the San Ramon Marriott.

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Cynthia provided us with a list of places she goes to do research.