President’s Message – 2015-Q4

Now is the time to set aside Thursday, December 3 on your calendar as party time. That’s when the East Bay Chapter of STC will hold our annual Holiday Party at Mimi’s Café in Dublin. As a gift to every member of the EBSTC community, partiers will enjoy this relaxed evening of fun free of charge! Check your email inbox for details.

You may have noticed the holiday season is already ramping up to its traditional fever pitch. As if Thanksgiving wasn’t enough to celebrate this month, an abundance of special holidays are competing for our attention to the point of doubling up on the same day. Here are a few I thought might be worth the double effort.

  • November 7 is Book Lovers Day and also Bittersweet Chocolate with Almonds Day
  • November 17 is Take A Hike Day and also World Peace Day
  • November 26 is Thanksgiving and also Shopping Reminder Day
  • November 27 is Black Friday, Buy Nothing Day, Pins and Needles Day and also You’re Welcome Day

And finally, Monday, November 30 is Stay At Home Because You Are Well Day, so you can extend Thanksgiving weekend one more day. Enjoy!

Liz Miller
EBSTC President