Incoming President’s Message – 2017-Q1

Time to Celebrate!

Greetings from your new president! If you’re reading the email version of our newsletter, I hope you’ll take a moment to hop over to and admire our beautiful new website! We are LIVE on WordPress, and it’s all thanks to our stellar WordPress migration team headed by Jane Olivera, with Joe Humbert, technology insight from Liz Fraley, and driven to completion by past-president Liz Miller. Kudos to the team for completing this major project, and please check out our Friendly new website!

I’m also proud to announce that Jane Wilson was recently elected STC’s Vice President. We’re excited to be a part of her journey the presidency of our national Society. Also, at this year’s Summit, STC will recognize Patrick Lufkin as a Fellow and Joe Humbert as an Associate Fellow. These recognitions are well deserved; I hope you’ll join me in congratulating Jane, Patrick and Joe!

Speaking of the STC Summit, if you’re planning to attend this year, won’t you consider being on our June recap panel? We’ll be sharing Summit experiences and would love your insights. No preparation required! Drop us a line!

I’m also pleased to announce that Liz Fraley is the recipient of the EBSTC 2016 Technology Insight Award (again)! Liz has been the linchpin in our efforts to move to WordPress, and we very much appreciate her knowledge and patience.

As beautiful as our new website is, we’re still adding content. In fact, that content could be from you! Want to be involved? Contact us!

Gale Naylor
EBSTC President

Gale Naylor