Speed Writing for Speed Reading – 15 May 2019 [Meeting]

In this talk, Andrew tries to optimize how we produce and consume technical documentation. He examines what we know about human behavior, what real-time strategy games can teach us about publishing, and how refrigerators relate to the ultimate reader experience. Metaphors abound!

About the Speaker

Andrew Etter is a senior technical writer at Amazon Web Services and the bestselling author of Modern Technical Writing: An Introduction to Software Documentation. He’s worked in the software industry for 12 years as a tester, trainer, writer, and manager.

Meeting Logistics

When: Wednesday 15 May 2019

Want to attend in person?

See the San Francisco STC chapter website for details.

Want to watch remotely?

The broadcast will start at 7PM.

If you can’t make the meeting, you can still watch the livestream on the NorCal Facebook page. The Videos tab in the left hand navigation will show a red dot when the broadcast is live. (You will have to refresh the page for the red dot to show up.)

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