STC Events Schedule 2019

Welcome to a new year!

We hope everyone had a safe and new year! (If you’ve caught yourself still writing “2018” on your checks—don’t worry, it happens to the best of us. Give it a month.)

As you may recall, last month the East Bay chapter partnered with Silicon Valley, Berkeley, and San Francisco to float an idea to all of you: merging the four chapters into STC NorCal. We asked for your input, and you responded brilliantly – thanks to all who contributed.

The response was overwhelmingly positive: 88% of all respondents supported the plan as written (of these, 62% indicated strong support), and offered a variety of reasons and suggestions for their approval. Some folks had very reasonable concerns regarding responsible budgeting and content archiving, to name a few. The chapter leadership will work to address these points going forward.

That said, it’s January, and here’s an outline of what you can expect for the rest of the year!

Preliminary 2019 Events Schedule

For all events in the Northern California region…

DateEventLive Stream
Jan 19 (Sat)Touchstone DinnerNo
Feb 11 (Mon)Speaker Presentation: Debra Brinson, AgileYES
Mar 23 (Sat)Spring Lunch Social & Grammar Games!No
Apr 26 (Fri)API Workshop @ TC CampNo
Apr 27 (Sat)Unconference @ TC CampNo
May 15 (Wed)Speaker Presentation, Andrew Etter, Doc MetricsYES
Jun 12 (Wed)STC Summit RecapYES
Jul 22 (Mon)Summer SocialNo
Aug 21 (Wed)Speaker Presentation (TBA)YES
Sep (TBA)Job FairNo
Oct 16 (Wed)Speaker Presentation (TBA)YES
Nov (TBA)Mini-Conference (UC Davis)
Submit a speaker proposal
Dec 5 (Thur)Holiday Party

As you see, we can collaborate to provide a general meeting schedule in advance, so you know what to expect and can plan accordingly.

Berkeley Chapter Meeting Dates for 2019

The Berkeley Chapter had 2019 already planned when the NorCal STC chapters started planning merged activities. They are proceeding as they have in past years holding speaker presentation meetings every month.

Here are the dates for the Berkeley Chapter Meetings in 2019:

January 19, February 13, March 13, April 10, May 8, June 12, July 10, Aug 14, Sept 11, Oct 9, Nov 13, Dec 11

These dates are here for your convenience. For updates or specific information about individual meetings, please consult the Berkeley STC website

With the NorCal STC, you now have three ways to attend meetings!

Attend in person

Meet the speaker and network with your peers. Drive to the “Host” chapter and attend meeting (the way it’s always been).

Attend a viewing party

Get together with other chapter members who are in your local region and watch the live stream. At a regional viewing party, you have the chance to network and learn, to mingle and discuss, without having to cross town or sit in traffic! You can attend to any local Viewing Party.

Watch remotely

Watch the livestream on the NorCal Facebook page. We’ll be keeping an eye on the comments stream, so you can send in your comments and questions!

For example: February 2019

In February, the Silicon Valley STC Chapter will be hosting a Speaker Presentation meeting.

Because they are responsible for finding a facility and a speaker, the event will occur on a date that they set and in a location they find.

How do you attend? Remember, you have three choices:

Option 1: Drive to Santa Clara and be in the same room with the speaker and the members and guests of the host chapter (Silicon Valley)

Option 2: Attend to a viewing party be in the room with other chapter members and guests, and watch the live stream together. You can go to any of the viewing parties:

  • East Bay Chapter Viewing Party
  • San Francisco Chapter Viewing Party
  • Berkeley Chapter Viewing Party
  • Host your own!

Option 3: Watch the live stream, on your own, from anywhere!

No matter which option you choose, new content will be recorded and made available afterwards for anyone who misses it, allowing archive-hunters to learn valuable tips and tricks!

That’s all for now

Stay tuned to this page. We will continue to post and send individual meeting announcements so you can check updates and reference it anytime.