Submit a Touchstone Entry


Entries must demonstrate the following characteristics:

  • Falls within the realm of technical communication
  • Put into use no earlier than two years before this year’s entry deadline (it can be a substantial revision of a work published earlier)
  • Free of proprietary or confidential content
  • Comprehensible to judges whose only language is English

If judging your entry requires the use of special equipment, we will work with you to make arrangements to obtain access to the equipment.

Entry fee

Entry fees are $89 per entry for STC members and $199 per entry for non-members.

Individual entrants for whom the entry fee presents a hardship can pay an entry fee of $39 for one entry, regardless of STC membership.

If for any reason we decide not to judge your entry, we will return your fee.

How to submit an entry

Download form. Download and fill out the entry form (a Microsoft Word file).

Create entry number, Create a six-digit entry number to identify your entry.
Use this number everywhere you need to identify your entry (for example, on the entry form). If you submit more than one entry, make the numbers consecutive.

Prepare package, For each entry, prepare a submission package containing the following

    1. One (1) complete copy of the entry form. We keep this for competition use and do not share entrant names or contact information with the judges.
    2. Four (4) abbreviated copies of the entry form. We provide these to judges. Do not include the pages containing entrant information. Start printing with the page that begins “Entry Number (repeat information from the first page).” Replace “repeat information from the first page” with the entry number and entry title.
    3. Four (4) copies of each entry, each with one of the abbreviated copies of the entry form. Do not include entrant information.For each entry, prepare a submission package containing the following
      • For electronically viewable entries, send CDs, or specify a URL on the entry form.
      • Mark all submitted materials inconspicuously (for example, on the inside back cover of a book) with the number you created in step 2.
      • We do not return any of the materials you submit.
    4. Your entry fee (check or printed PayPal receipt) with the complete copy of the entry form. Or, pay by PayPal. TODO: Add link to PayPal page.

Email entry form. DO NOT OMIT THIS STEP, Email a copy of your entry form to this address. Be sure that the Subject of the email is: STC Competition Entry.

Send submission. Send your submission package to:
STC Competition
c/o Gale Naylor
6650 Via San Blas
Pleasanton, CA 94566
(925 600-7996

We must receive your entry at that address by the entry deadline.